FIFA World Cup - A History 1962 to 2002

FIFA World Cup - A History 1962 to 2002 

1962 Hosts for the 1962 release were Chile regardless of as of late having endured an overwhelming quake. Brazil were top choices to hold the trophy yet Chile thought they had a world-beating strategy. Before they played Italy they ate spaghetti and won. Before they played Switzerland they ate Swiss cheddar and won. Before they played Russia they drank vodka and won (more likely than not been a fascinating game). So when they faced Brazil in the semi-finals, what did they do? Did they eat Brazil nuts? No, they drank espresso and speedily lost 4-2. Brazil by and by asserted the trophy by beating Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the last.

Insights Host Country: Chile

Nations: Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Czechoslovakia, England, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, USSR, West Germany, Yugoslavia

Last: Brazil 3, Czechoslovakia 1

Top objective scorer: Drazen Jerkovic, Yugoslavia (5)

1966 In 1966 the World Cup returned to where the cutting edge round of football started in 1863, England and the trophy was bound to remain there for a long time. It may have remained there for all time since when it was put on show at the Westminster Central Hall in London four months before the competition was to begin it was taken. Seven days of intense shame followed while specialists attempted to locate the missing cup with no outcome. In the long run, a highly contrasting pooch called "Pickles" discovered it underneath support enclosed by paper while doing what canines do under fences. Pickles shot to fame and the English Football Association had a copy of the trophy made - "in the event that something goes wrong". The imitation can, in any case, be seen at the English National Football Museum.

The 1966 World Cup was essential for a few reasons. It was the principal World Cup to have a mascot - "World Cup Willie", a lion wearing the English strip. It was a World Cup defaced by horrendous strategies on the field and by poor refereeing that saw Brazil truly commenced the contribute the first round. The last against West Germany was likewise significant because of one of the most dubious objectives in Cup history. In additional time Geoff Hurst of England propelled a shot that hit the underside of the objective crossbar and bobbed down. The ref decided that it had arrived behind the objective line and was along these lines an objective. The West Germans fought that it went poorly the line yet the linesman maintained the arbitrator and the objective stood. Hurst put the issue certain in the last moment by scoring.

Measurements Host Country: England

Nations: Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, North Korea, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Uruguay, USSR, West Germany

Last: England 4, West Germany 2 (after additional time)

Top objective scorer: Eusebio, Portugal (9)

1970 Mexico 1970 was Brazil's and Pele's World Cup. After 1966 when Brazil was taken out in the first round, Pele had promised never to play in the World Cup again. Luckily he was convinced to show up in 1970. Expectations were high in England for a rehash of the 1966 achievement however matters were not helped when the England commander was imprisoned for four days on made charges of taking a wrist trinket in Guadalajara two or three weeks before the opening game. Those, the sticky playing conditions and Gerd Muller in destroying structure, were sufficient to see West Germany deliver their retribution in the quarter last for the annihilation in the past challenge's conclusive. In any case, Brazil appeared to be relentless gratitude to their sublime assailants however their safeguard was sketchy. Could the Italian bleeding-edge make this advantageous for them? At half time it appeared that they could with the scoreline at 1-1 and the Brazilians clearly disheartened. However, after half time Pele assumed responsibility laying on passes that prompted two Brazilian objectives and finding the net himself. Brazil had won the World Cup for the third time and thusly was permitted to keep the Jules Rimet Trophy for all time. Some years later it was taken and never recuperated. It is assumed it was liquefied down.

Insights Host Country: Mexico

Nations: Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, El Salvador, England, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Romania, Sweden, Uruguay, USSR, West Germany

Last: Brazil 4, Italy 1 (after additional time)

Top objective scorer: Gerd Muller, West Germany (10)

1974 In 1974, West Germany played hosts for the challenge for the new trophy, the FIFA World Cup. West Germany had an immensely solid side yet at that point so did Holland with its image of "all-out football" and Poland. Holland beat Brazil 2-0 to confront West Germany in the last in Berlin however the German ultra proficient football machine held out against the rousing Dutch to get a late champ.

Insights Host Country: West Germany

Nations: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, East Germany, Haiti, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Scotland, Sweden, Uruguay, West Germany, Yugoslavia, Zaire

Last: West Germany 2, Netherlands 1

Top objective scorer: Grzegorz Lato, Poland (7)

1978 saw the FIFA World Cup being held in Argentina and it was one of the most disputable with extremely peculiar refereeing and authoritative choices appearing to support the nation of origin. In a second-round match, Argentina expected to score in any event four objectives against Peru. It scored six and Peru was intensely censured for giving the game away. In the last Argentina appeared to have an additional man in official Sergio Gonella. His choices were so obtrusively expert Argentina that there were calls (especially by the Dutch) for the match to be re-played in an unbiased nation - calls that failed to receive any notice.

Measurements Host Country: Argentina

Nations: Austria, Argentina, Brazil, France, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, West Germany

Last: Argentina 3, Netherlands 1 (after additional time)

Top objective scorer: Mario Kempes, Argentina (6)

1982 An extended World Cup was propelled in 1982 in Spain. Eight additional groups took an interest in carrying the aggregate to 24. The thought was to permit the lesser footballing nations to enter the competition. The thought was vindicated by noteworthy shows by Algeria and Cameroon. Italy demonstrated to be relentless that year and crushed the solid West German side 3-1 in the last even after Antonio Cabrini of Italy turned into the main player to miss a punishment in a World Cup last.

Insights Host Country: Spain

Nations: Algeria, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Czechoslovakia, El Salvador, England, France, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Kuwait, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Peru, Poland, Scotland, Spain, USSR, West Germany, Yugoslavia

Last: Italy 3, West Germany 1

Top objective scorer: Paolo Rossi, Italy (6)

1986 Colombia had been facilitated the 1986 World Cup yet was not able because of financial contemplations so the setting was changed to Mexico in spite of solid endeavors by Holland and the United States to have the challenge on home soil. Brazil, the top picks were taken out in the quarter-finals by France on punishments. Another quarter last observed Argentina's Diego Maradona popular "hand of God" objective against England. A few billion TV watchers saw him utilize his hand to punch the ball into the back of the English objective yet the official didn't. It was an outright cheat that still annoys with English fans today as it saw their group return home. In the last against West Germany, he demonstrated that he didn't have to cheat to win as he splendidly drove his nation to a hard battled success by 3 objectives to 2.

Measurements Host Country: Mexico

Nations: Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Hungary, Iraq, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, South Korea, Spain, Uruguay, USSR, West Germany

Last: Argentina 3, Germany 2

Top objective scorer: Gary Lineker, England (6)

1990 The fourteenth World Cup was without question the most exhausting up until now. Each group was so frightened of losing that games turned out to be low-scoring merciless chess matches. Both semi-finals went into additional time and afterward proceeded to be chosen by extra shots. The last challenged by West Germany showing up in its last World cup before unification and Argentina. In a grim and filthy battle with two sendings off. West Germany won 1-0 by method for punishment.

Measurements Host Country: Italy

Nations: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Egypt, England, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Scotland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay, United States, USSR, West Germany, Yugoslavia

Last: West Germany 1, Argentina 0

Top objective scorer: Salvatore "Toto" Schillaci, Italy (6)

1994 FIFA considered the To be States as an undiscovered market similar to football (or soccer as the Americans call it) was concerned thus chose to grant the 1994 competition to them. Italy was on the melody with their play-creator Roberto Baggio playing some heavenly football. Argentina was cheerful that a recently re-called Maradona could direct them to progress however the expectation vanished when he demonstrated positive for a restricted substance and was sent home in disfavor. The U.S. on home ground had a superior than anticipated competition at long last going out to Brazil. Prior they had beaten Colombia because of a claim objective by Colombian Andres Escobar who was shot dead when he landed back home. The last among Brazil and Italy was an engrossing round of Brazil's overpowering assaulting power meeting Italy's enduring protective power. Typically the match finished 0-0 after additional time so it went to the punishments and abrupt passing. Roberto Baggio of Italy sent his kick high over the cross-bar and Brazil were the victors.

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